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Meet Our Visionary Team

Pamela Freund-Striplen


Pamela Freund-Striplenaward-winning performer and entrepreneur, is the Founder and Artistic Director of Gold Coast Chamber Players (GCCP). She brings to IMX more than thirty years as a distinguished concert violist, having shared a stage with legendary musicians like Itzhak Perlman, Luciano Pavarotti, and Ray Charles. In addition to GCCP, one of the nation's first chamber collectives, she founded the Bay Area Music Consortium and Topics in Tempo, an innovative and acclaimed educational program.

Freund-Striplen infuses her creative expertise and entrepreneurial skills in bringing IMX's innovative multi-sensory experience to you!

Jim Marggraff


Jim Marggraff has dedicated his energy, vision, and inventiveness to developing standards, applications, technology and products for companies committed to creating innovative solutions, improving learning, and advancing human thought.  Margraff founded/co-founded numerous companies including StratCom, Explore Technologies, LeapFrog, LiveScribe, and more recently Eyefluence, purchased by Googe in 2016.

Along with his work at IMX, Marggraff is now exploring the concept of creating the world's first Al Social Agent to address issues around human connectedness!

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